The Film

Pilot Pictures and Hogpath announce the upcoming release of the The Drive Home: the documentary.

Detroit has been a major force in the development and proliferation of electronic music throughout the world. Until now, the city has not officially recognized and appreciated its local talent. Many Detroit-based electronic music artists are celebrated and revered overseas, yet unlike the celebrities of Motown, they remain unknown in their own backyards. The organizers of The Detroit Electronic Music Festival recognized this and brought together a truly international cast of artists to help Detroit celebrate its musical influence with the rest of the world.

The Drive Home captures the historic nature of this 3-day event by profiling the people, both on and off stage, who made the 2000 Detroit Electronic Music Festival possible: the organizers, the performing artists, the 1.5 million fans. The film is comprised of over 50 artist interviews, live performance and historic footage of detroit's rich electronic beginnings. Through words, music and images, the roots of Detroit's often misunderstood and unknown soul become inspiring and evident.

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The Filmmakers

Pilot Pictures, a Detroit-based film and video production company, is led by Rita Sayegh and Scott Stephanoff. On board for this production, is Timothy Aten of Hogpath. Pilot Pictures is known for its work with electronic musicians, producing well designed and skillfully edited music videos. Timothy Aten brings his knowledge and expertise in documentary and film production. This group of visual artists have been working, living and creating in the city of Detroit for years. They have visually contributed to the face of Detroit electronic music and are proud to be producing this one-of-a-kind story about Detroit’s dedication to music.

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